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Monday, June 11, 2012

Tool # 8; Use and Manage

1. I am very familiar with Ipads and apple products. There is not a lot that are new to me from the tutorials. One thing that I will implement is using the devices as video capture devices which allow students to create group or individual video presentations. Another feature that I will be using a lot throughout the school year is working with educational apps to allow students more interaction and engagement to current topic. At this time, I still have not decide on which apps to use, but I am very positive that there are many free educational apps out there for us to use. 

2. Managing portable devices probably is very difficult sometimes, but a set of 4, will not be a problem. Clearly label each device with teacher's name is one way to keep track of them in case of misplacement. Assign a device manager is another way to keep track of devices right before class ends. Also group students in four groups and each group is assigned with a specific device(s), which they will be responsible for each class.

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